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Mrs. K's Boudoir Experience: 63 Years Young!

Let me introduce you to beautiful Mrs. K here! Her story is such an inspiration and a true testament for how boudoir is an amazing gift to yourself!

I'll start off by saying she was quite a bit nervous about coming in for her boudoir shoot-as many ladies are if truth be told. Her concern mostly surrounded her age of 63 and having a completely new body after losing 107 pounds! It's a no brainer that is totally worth celebrating! As for age concerns, I've shot women as young as 19 and up into the mid 70s. Nothing to be nervous about, I knew she was going to be amazed!

I know from many women who have gone through a significant weight loss journey that it's hard to believe what the new you looks like. They tell me their mind still envisions themselves at the size they started at. Boudoir photos are an incredible way to see yourself through someone else's eyes and to cherish all your hard work. These are moments caught in time that you can treasure and look back on for the rest of your life.

I'm on a mission to prove there aren't any requirements you need to meet in order to have beautiful photos of yourself. Self-portraits have been around for centuries, this is no different! Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience a photoshoot like this at least once in their lifetime no matter what age or even what weight you end up doing it at.

Mrs. K was so kind to let me share her photos to serve as an inspiration to other ladies on the fence about a boudoir photoshoot. I'm so glad she did, because there is some serious empowerment going on in this glimpse of the experience.

Aren't you ready to feel that power too?


"I had a great experience with Black Diamond Boudoir for my photo shoot. Maria went out of her way to make me feel comfortable; as a 63 year old woman this was paramount to me. Her studio is clean, the makeup and hair professional was on time, talented and lots of fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat. My pictures turned out beautifully and I left there feeling beautiful and empowered. I highly recommend Maria and her services. Just go for it, you won't regret it."

-Mrs. K

Thank you so much for letting me show you what an absolute gem you are. Every moment was a joy working with you!

XoXo- Maria


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