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A Gift For Mom: Crystal's Story

Meet Crystal ✨

She's a fierce mom of 6 kids who wanted to treat herself to a unique photoshoot focused on boosting her confidence!

What I love about this bombshell is how she overcame her worries and embraced everything she had to offer. No longer will she be held back from the experience she deserved and the images say it all!

Everyone comes in with a different vision and this is no different with Crystal. She wanted a photoshoot dripping in sex appeal with a soft glam vibe. Of course she was nervous but fully trusted we were going to make the magic she was looking for.

As an artist dedicated to helping women love themselves like never before, I was ecstatic when she expressed that full body shots are her favorite. I LOVE when we aren't hiding behind a cropped photo. And you know what? These end up being the most loved shots, because of the highly positive impact they make on your self image!

"My wife looked absolutely stunning from her hair to her makeup and she was definitely glowing with confidence!"


I had such a fun time making this mama feel like an absolute queen for a day! She deserved every second of it!


Maria Turner

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