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Mrs. J's Boudoir Experience

The inspiration for Mrs. J's photoshoot started with her desire to surprise her husband for their anniversary. Pretty soon it evolved into Mrs. J wanting something she could love all on her own! After all, it was a no brainer her husband was going to love all of the photos anyway, so I made sure this day was all about celebrating her! ✨

Like many women, she was nervous doing a photoshoot as exposed as this one. Not knowing what to expect, she was pleasantly surprised to find how comfortable she felt during the actual photoshoot. Mrs. J loved having every move be directed by me, so she could simply relax and enjoy herself the entire time without any guesswork on her end.

Mrs. J even revealed the hardest part about the whole process was wanting more photos than she thought! I absolutely love hearing that I was able to exceed her expectations and give her a full session of breathtaking images!

Wanting to add personal touches to her shoot, we even incorporated a crossbow and some fun shots with a Houston Astros jersey (a popular favorite around here)! These turned out to be some of our most loved shots, since they brought personal highlights of both her and her husband in a special way.

When asked what she would tell someone considering a boudoir shoot, she immediately responded "DO IT! Don't even think about it, just do it!" ✨

What a treat it was to work with you Mrs. J! Enjoy every bit of the confidence you gained from our time together!

XoXo- Maria


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