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Professional Boudoir Photography Experience in Houston

Our mission is to hold your hand throughout the entire process and make your big day feel like a girl's day out with your besties. We highly value creating a personal connection with you from day one, so we can get to know each other before you ever set foot in the studio. We stay in constant communication through text and email, offer Zoom calls, provide wardrobe shopping advice and take the time to customize your photoshoot based on your specifications. we want you to feel like an absolute queen by creating a comfortable environment where you can relax and get in touch with your intimate side. Bottom line, you're going to have all the support you need at your fingertips to make the experience an unforgettable memory you can treasure for life!


The Black Diamond Experience

the experience is the most important part of your boudoir shoot. designed with the first timer in mind, anyone can enjoy the process to the fullest with our team supporting you every step of the way. we want your photos to be the crowning jewel of the memories you made celebrating yourself through the black diamond experience.

you will be guided through an easy 4 step process:

1. designing your day

2. glam session

3. fine art photoshoot

4. same-day ordering appointment

Read below to see details about each step!

Step 1: Designing Your Day

We want your big day to be an absolute success and it all starts with the prep leading up to your appointment. every woman has a different vision and level of comfort, so we have implemented different steps to make the process easy and fun.

Boudoir Prep Guide

-best Wardrobe styles
-what colors shoot best
-things to
-Where to shop
-shoes, jewelry, & accessories
-personal care tips
-And more!


your photoshoot is custom to you and your vision. we want to know your likes/dislikes, comfort level. desired vibes and overall input in how we can bring your dream shoot to life.

Schedule a Zoom Call

for more support and personal interaction, we can setup a zoom call to discuss your shoot in more detail! we can go over wardrobe or just chit chat to ease your nerves before you come in.

Step 2: Glam Session

relax while we pamper you with professional hairstyling and camera ready makeup. You have full say in how you want to look whether it be a polished natural, soft glam or a bold face with red lips. we listen to your request and make it happen! 


Step 3: Fine Art Photoshoot

you will be guided from head to toe through your entire photoshoot. there is no guesswork for you and no modeling experience needed. most importantly, I have techniques to help you nail your facial expressions, too!

Luxe Accessory Closet
We love to play dress up, so take advantage of elevating your look with special pieces like angel wings, robes and body jewelry!


Step 4: Same-Day Ordering Appointment

all of your hard work is going to pay off instantly when you get to see your gorgeous photos right after the photoshoot. designed this way on purpose so you can leave on a high note full of confidence and excitement. look at yourself in awe and have fun designing the details of your order.

Luxury Albums

Enjoy your beautiful new artwork long past photoshoot day with a beautiful custom album. Handcrafted and of the finest luxury quality, your fully customizable album will last a lifetime for you to cherish. 


other popular products

- metal, acrylic and framed wall art

- viewfinder

- bediside art

- smart phone app & more