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Worthy of the Wall: Boudoir Positive Artwork

So, you have your boudoir photoshoot scheduled. You're gathering your wardrobe, shoes, accessories, imagining how the day will go, nerves are setting in and then you start to think about how you'd like to receive your new images. The most popular choice is the album of course, because you get all your images in one gorgeously customized book that's easy to tuck away when guests arrive. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love albums. They're a big hit for boudoir and for damn good reason. But what about wall art? This seems to make people hesitate quite a bit or they are quick to say no.

"I can't put THESE photos on the wall!"

"No one wants to see that."

"What if someone thinks I'm conceited?"

"I don't have anywhere to put it."

Now, I know some can't be swayed no matter what I say. But, at least give me the opportunity to try to convince you otherwise and really hear me out. I might be biased, but I make valid points.

Here are 10 of my top reasons why you should 100% absolutely get wall art made from your boudoir session!

  1. "Boudoir photos are too risqué for wall art". Let's start with this one, since it's the main excuse I hear from clients. I take pride in my work being very tasteful and elegant, so no need to worry too much about falling into the R-rated category. If you're still concerned, I always incorporate images into your photoshoot that are family-friendly, such as close-ups of your face. You could also consider anonymous or silhouette photos where no one will even know it's you on the wall!

  2. How many self-portraits do you currently have on your wall? And be honest, I'm talking about no one else in the photo but you. If your answer is none or maybe 1, then here's your opportunity to cross that off your bucket list.

  3. Let it serve as your daily reminder that you are a drop-dead gorgeous human being. How would you like to wake up every morning to that kind of confidence booster?

  4. Printing images big makes a hell of an impact! It's one thing to see yourself in a hand-held album, but it's completely different to see all the beautiful details up close on a 30x40 work of art!

  5. "Isn't it a little conceited to display photos of just me?" *Insert eye roll* It's YOUR home, YOU live in it and if it makes YOU happy, then I say own that shit and display it proudly! No one has the right to tell you what should be allowed on the walls you pay for. #SelfLove

  6. There are soooo many places you can put it! Be creative! Bedroom, bathroom, closet, behind your clothes in the closet (for a peek and hide effect 😉), office, garage, workshop, man cave, she-shed, media room, hallway, home gym, formal living room, game room... I mean, the options are endless. All you need is a wall.

  7. Ok, this next one is for me, too. Any professional photographer that's worth a hoot wants you to print their work. But, do you know why? I want you to see your images as they were TRULY created. The colors, the lighting, the contrast, the highlights, shadows and everything that my expertise incorporated to bring it to life. Chances are your phone and computer are not color-calibrated, so they will look vastly different when you're just viewing the digitals at home later versus the ones I wowed you with during the big reveal (and this makes me sad).

  8. The print labs I use to create wall art (and other products) are exclusive to professional photographers. They are higher quality than what you have access to get printed yourself and their printers are properly calibrated to print exactly as the image was meant to be. You and I worked hard to create your new artwork and it deserves the quality to match our team effort. Think of it this way, do Michelin star restaurants serve their food on a paper plate? (NO, they do not).

  9. Let your wall art serve as the perfect gift to yourself or a significant other. I have clients come in for all different occasions from birthdays to anniversaries, weddings, divorces, just for fun, need a "lift-me-up" or to celebrate major milestones in personal self-love journeys or overcoming medical traumas. Maybe it's the first time they've ever seen themselves through another person's eyes as breathtaking and beautiful. Whatever the occasion, no matter how big or small, YOU ARE A GIFT and YOU ARE WORTHY OF SPACE ON THE WALL.

  10. And last but not least, you are going to love your images! Believe me, you're going to want to show them off to anyone you possibly can. There's no need to hide your photos away in shame anymore. The taboo surrounding boudoir-style photos has lifted and women are becoming more supportive than ever in embracing all different shapes and sizes. Join the movement and showcase your absolute favorites in some big, beautiful wall art!

BONUS Reason: I can help match the style of any place you want to display your images. I have fine art prints you can frame, gallery-wrapped and luxe canvas styles as well as metal prints with matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish.

If you got this far, I know you're either definitely planning on getting wall art or at least considering it as an option. And I know it might be hard to imagine what it would look like, how big to get it or how many pieces to get, so just know that I can show you exactly what your images will look like on your wall to help you make those decisions. Check it out below!

"Be your own reason to smile."

Get the wall art! You'll be so glad you did.

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