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Why I Shoot Boudoir Photography

The "Why" Behind My Business

There is an entire, complex web of reasons why I shoot boudoir. I can honestly say the artistry of creating stunning photos is only a byproduct of what I live and stand for. I knew going into this industry I would face deeply-rooted problems that women deal with daily. From societal pressures to unrealistic beauty standards, I was in for a fight to help women gain the confidence and tools they need to overcome these very real obstacles. I shoot boudoir to help women regain their freedom in simply being themselves and not feeling the least bit guilty for it.

Boudoir photography is immensely personal in revealing all the parts of you that normally stay hidden. It's not just the physical part of you that is being uncovered, but also the most vulnerable parts of your soul and mind. I'm blessed to be trusted by so many women to share their stories and expose those secret chapters of their lives. By doing so, I use photography to illustrate those stories from a new and refreshed perspective. Seeing the reaction and the positive impact boudoir has on someone's mental health gives me a happiness that can't be described with words alone.

At the core of my business, I am empowering women by showing them their most authentic selves and guiding them to the goal of believing in their value. I provide a space to allow women to let go of personal insecurities and to prove to themselves they are so much more than the weight they carry, the scars on their bodies and the stretch marks they hide.

I shoot boudoir to uplift, inspire and advocate for women to come together and build a new foundation for what beauty truly is. Beauty that is defined by individuality and uniqueness that cannot be copied. It is the soul of your very being.

The Transformation

When you arrive for a boudoir photoshoot, I have the utmost pleasure of bearing witness to a profound transformation that occurs during our time together. I'm not talking about the physical change from your no-makeup, messy hair look to glammed up goddess. I'm speaking on the evolution from timid, nerve-stricken persona that blooms into a proud, confident woman strutting out with her head held high. That's where the real magic happens!

So how do we go from one to the other?

It starts before you ever walk in the door. Venturing out of your comfort zone requires extra support, so I provide you with my ultimate prep guide to ease the unknown and answer the list of questions you have. Communication is also key to building our relationship, so we can feel more like friends by the time you come in. Anything you need, I'm happy to help!

On the day you arrive, nerves will be at an all time high since your moment has finally come to do the damn thing. No backing out now! I'll help you sort out your wardrobe and plan your outfits while you have time to relax during hair and makeup. This gives you a solid hour or so to chat with us, laugh, bring your guard down and get pampered. The nerves will dwindle and the vision starts coming into focus. Then, there is the glam reveal! This will be your first jaw-dropping moment of the day when you see how absolutely gorgeous you look. The confidence will spike up, the smile will grow uncontrollably big, the shoulders relax, the posture changes upright and the steps you take are stronger moving forward. The transformation phase has begun!

Now it's time to pull out the camera and get to posing. You'll be guided head to toe, so you never have to focus on the physical part of what to do. It doesn't take long before you start getting the hang of this modeling thing either! You're going to quickly realize what a fun and exciting feeling it is to play dress up, have those lights flashing and laughing together to create memories of a day you'll never forget. That inner self of yours will go from hiding in the shadows to being in the spotlight at center stage... and the best part? You're going to LOVE it.

Once we're done shooting, you'll get the instant gratification of seeing your photos before ever leaving the studio. Once you've had a chance to get your jaw off the floor, you're going to have all kinds of thoughts like "That's me??", "I didn't know I could even look like that!", "Who is that woman?", "I had no idea that's what people saw", "I've never felt like this before". This is the most defining moment where you see yourself in a whole new way and through someone else's eyes. The nerves are gone and the vision has been brought to life. There wasn't anything to fret over after all, huh?

At this point, you've transformed from a ball of nerves to a confident queen in a matter of hours. YOU DID THE DAMN THING. Now, revel in it and celebrate!

A Little Piece of My Story

I have undergone my own transformation over time and it overwhelmingly revealed itself during my experience as a boudoir photographer. I once dealt with severe acne that has left life-long scars I face in the mirror every day. Two rounds of Accutane, facials and chemical peels, countless products that didn't work, dermatologist appointments left and right, laser treatments... you name it, I've probably tried it. I know all too well what it feels like to dislike the reflection in the mirror and being bullied for a condition I had no control over.

Makeup became my best friend and I had been adamant in wearing it every day since about 12 years old. It eventually subsided in my adult life, but it came back to haunt me in 2020 when wearing a mask wreaked absolute havoc on my face. I stopped wearing makeup to prevent it worsening, but I isolated myself from eating/drinking in the presence of others. No one was going to see me without the security blanket that became my mask. For MANY reasons, I'm glad those days of mask-wearing are over.

Yup, that's me above at my own boudoir shoot!

All this is to say I understand it's easier said than done to throw away insecurities and pretend they don't exist. Pouring love into myself and accepting what I can't control are proactive choices I make every single day. What I've learned most through my own experience is it's okay to have bad days, but choosing to love myself whole-heartedly anyway is the most powerful thing I can control. And I want you to do that, too! This is the baseline for why my business is named "Black Diamond Boudoir". Black diamonds represent an unchanging love. As we journey through our lives, we experience all kinds of changes from weight fluctuations, having children, aging, injuries, etc. No matter the changes we go through, the love for ourselves should remain unchanged.

During my time as a boudoir photographer, I have truly realized the gravity of what I do. Through art, I'm helping breathe life back into someone's self-esteem and propelling them forward into having more happy days. The change that happens on the day of the photoshoot is only the beginning. I still receive messages long after shoot day thanking me for the newfound confidence my clients are experiencing in their every day lives. It's moments like this that ground me in knowing I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to do in life. Not only has boudoir helped heal my own personal journey in loving myself, but it has strengthened my love and passion for helping others do the same.

We are ALL beautiful in our own distinctive way and we deserve to celebrate it!


Interested in booking YOUR boudoir experience?

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