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Top 10 Tips To Prepare Your Mind and Wardrobe For A Boudoir Session

Preparing the Mind

Tip #1: What's Your Reason, Why Are You Here?

Deep down, there's a big reason why you want to have a boudoir experience. Lean into that and keep reminding yourself daily of the 'why' behind your motivation. It's going to be your fuel to get you through the prep process.

Tip #2: Trust the Process

I like to compare the process of a boudoir session to that of a puzzle. For a first-timer, it's hard to imagine the final picture only looking at the individual pieces. Wardrobe, nails, shoes, makeup, hair, jewelry, accessories, posing, angles, lighting, editing, facial expression, etc. are only the individual pieces. I promise when you fit them all together just right, you'll have your masterpiece!

Tip #3: Don't Overthink It

A bit of an ironic tip coming from an over thinker myself. So, I know this is a lot easier said than done sometimes. But seriously, don't bog yourself down by overanalyzing every aspect of the prep process or how the day will go. We are going to take great care of you! It's not so much about the things you bring with you as the experience itself and feeling absolutely fabulous. You are going to look gorgeous and have an amazing time no matter what, so don't stress over the little things. Nerves are normal and they will wash away, promise!

Tip #4: Pamper Yourself Before The Shoot

Your session is going to be all about you and it's fun to give yourself a taste before coming in. Easy examples: splurge on the manicure/pedicure, get a massage or facial (or both!), take a long bubble bath, buy yourself flowers, order your favorite dessert, plan a date night or girl's night out, unplug from technology or take time to read your favorite book. Whatever "pampering" yourself means to you, make the time to do it!

Tip #5: Daily Dose of Self-Love

You've heard it before, but if you've never tried it, it's worth it! Daily affirmations are quick and easy things you can do every morning when you wake up. Go to the mirror, look yourself right in the eyes and say 3 positive things to start your day. At first, you might just say them and that's ok. Keep going and little by little, you'll start to really believe them. That's your goal!

Bonus: Need some ideas for daily affirmations? Here are a few to give a try:

I am beautiful inside and out.

My worth is not determined by my size.

I'm not broken, I'm human.

I belong here and deserve happiness.

I am worthy of love just for being who I am.

Self-love is not a privilege, it's my right.

BONUS Tip: Communicate Your Needs

Think of me as your hype girl, new bestie and biggest fan. I am your support and teammate in helping you rock this thing. The more you communicate with me and express what you're going through, the more I can help and get to know you. With lots of communication leading up to your photoshoot, it's going to feel like a total girl's day jam packed with laughs and great memories!

Preparing Your Wardrobe

Tip #6: Determine Your Vision

What do you want your vibe to be for your photoshoot? Soft and glamorous? Edgy? Sexy? Playful? A little bit of everything? Take some time to think about this before getting lost in all the lingerie (there's A LOT out there), so you can stay true to what you want! I suggest even creating a list on paper before doing any shopping to give yourself a guideline on what you want. Red corset, something strappy, garter set with thigh highs, black shoes... it helps to give yourself a shopping list to stay on track with your vision.

Tip #7: Outfits First

Stick to buying your clothing FIRST. Shoes and accessories will be easier to add later versus searching everything at one time. The exception is if you already have a specific pair of shoes or accessory you want to incorporate and need clothing to compliment it.

Bonus Tip: If you ever feel overwhelmed, add items to your cart and walk away. Look at all your potential choices again after you've had a break (maybe give it a day or so). Sometimes all you need is to come back with fresh eyes and have clarity on what you love most!

Tip #8: Try Everything On

This should go without saying, but it's totally happened where outfits are getting put on for the first time on shoot day. Let me say, that is a HUGE risk! We know all too well something can look completely unexpected compared to how we saw it online. The sizing might run too big or too small and then you'd be stuck with outfits you don't want to wear. Yikes, not a great way to start your day. Best to try on your wardrobe beforehand, walk around in it, stretch, move, sit, etc. Make returns and exchanges if it's not quite right.

Bonus Tip: Do NOT buy a smaller size on purpose as "motivation" if you want to lose weight. I can go into a ton of different reasons why I hate this, but I'll keep it straight to the point. It's too much pressure on you and a boudoir session is the time to love yourself AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!

Tip #9: Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Although shoes are not required (the barefoot look is going to happen too), I still recommend bringing at minimum 1-2 pairs to add variety to your shoot. Certain outfits won't look right without them either (for example- garter and thigh highs need heels to complete the look). My prep guide has all the details on what kind of shoes will create the best results!

Tip #10: Create Interest With Accessories

This includes any jewelry, stockings and personal items/props you want to incorporate. Match them up with the outfits/shoes you purchased and try everything on together. You can always opt to skip those things and just wear your outfits if you want a "less is more" look or do it up big with things inherent to your personality (cowboy hat, bling necklace, light saber, the list goes on...). I always do my best to incorporate things that make you who you are, but don't get caught up in too many things. At the end of the day, we want YOU to be the focus and not your things. Keep it simple!

BONUS Tip: Have Fun With It!

Yes, you're going to receive a detailed prep guide, but that's all it is, a guide. Breaking rules can be super fun to personalize your shoot. Remember, communication is everything. I'm open to being creative with you and bringing your vision to life, so it never hurts to at least ask!


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