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Ms. V's Boudoir Experience

I asked Ms. V if she would be open to sharing her boudoir story where she quickly responded "Absolutely!". It was such a true pleasure working with her, I'll never forget seeing her reaction to the photos. It flooded me with pure joy to the point where I could have easily shed a tear. It's indescribable as an artist to watch someone look at your work in awe and be at a loss for words. Check out her responses below about the experience!


From Every Day to Slay ✨

Have you ever done a boudoir shoot before?

This was my first time doing a boudoir photoshoot. One of my old coworkers had it done and her photos came out beautifully.

How was your experience with hair and makeup?

It was amazing! Wouldn’t change a thing!

What was your personal journey leading up to your boudoir photoshoot?

After having my daughter 3 years ago, I struggled with self image. I didn’t feel as attractive as I once did & was almost ashamed of my body.

What did the shoot do for your self confidence, self worth, and self image?

The shoot made me feel beautiful from start to finish. I never once worried about any stretch marks or any imperfections I had. None of that mattered.

How has the session positively impacted your life?

The photos are consistent reminders how motherhood only added to my beauty.

Did the boudoir session help achieve your personal goal in why you came in?

Yes, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone & had so much fun doing so!

Was the experience what you expected?

Experience was better than I expected! From hair & makeup to the final photos. I’ve never felt more comfortable, laughs & great conversation from start to finish.

What was the overall BEST part of your boudoir experience?

Everything! It’s hard to pick one thing.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing a boudoir session?

Do it! It makes for such a timeless gift!


Interested in booking your own boudoir experience?

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