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6 Problems Solved: The True Value of Boudoir Revealed

I’ll just go ahead and say it... a boudoir session is not all about the photos! Crazy, right? I’d be willing to argue the photos are the bonus cherry on top of the whole experience. They are simply the physical reminder of all the value you gain before, during and after the photoshoot.

Keep reading to see my solutions to 6 common problems that people have when committing to a boudoir photoshoot. As an added bonus, I'm going to spell out exactly the type of value you gain from each step along the way. I warn you though, getting this little taste will undoubtedly leave you with a nagging feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out). The good news is, though, you don't have to miss out unless you just enjoy depriving yourself... but it's more fun to indulge instead! I don't call it the ultimate self-love experience for nothing!

SO, let's start solving a few problems and reveal the value that's hidden in each one.

Before The Shoot

Problem #1: You have no idea how to prepare for a boudoir photoshoot.

The Solution: I've gone above and beyond to curate the perfect prep guide for you to study. All of my expertise and tips are included to help you shop for the right wardrobe, find styles to fit your body type, how to create variety with colors and textures, pairing the right shoes and accessories, picking jewelry, where to shop, what nail colors to consider and the list goes on. It’s a comprehensive resource designed with the first-timer in mind! Bonus: You can also request a zoom call with me to talk more in depth about your upcoming session or even plan to use my specialty wardrobe pieces in my client closet to elevate your look.

The Value: Skip all the research, frustration, confusion and overwhelming information here, there and everywhere. This guide provides you a one-stop shop to answer all your questions, which takes the pressure off you and calms any nerves you have at the same time! Prep is key to relieving stress and replacing it with pure excitement!


Problem #2: You still want to feel like yourself in the photos.

The Solution: This day is all about you! I always send out a questionnaire before photoshoot day to get more detailed insight about you. Tell me about your personality, your comfort level, the vibes you want portrayed, how you want your hair and makeup to look and so on. You’ll have the opportunity to tell me what you want, props you plan to bring and any insecurities you want me to help you overcome. I take all of this information and tailor your big day to highlight all the beauty you have to offer inside and out.

The Value: YOU are in control. YOU hold the reins to the custom experience you deserve! By the time you come in, we will have a game plan for bringing your vision to life. Having this communication beforehand means you can just sit back and relax while all the fun unfolds. The images we create together will be a direct reflection of your desires and you’ll smile knowing you were a huge part in making that happen.

During The Shoot

Problem #3: You don’t want to stress over hair and makeup.

The Solution: Professional hair and makeup will be provided as a complimentary service! I want you to look your absolute best, so we will doll you up with the vision you’re dreaming of. Prefer to have a polished natural? We’ll do that. Want a bold sultry look with red lips? You got it. Planning on a soft glam? Say no more! You’re going to look gorgeous!

The Value: Start your day off right feeling like a pampered queen. Nerves will start to melt away as we have some girl time chit-chatting and selecting your wardrobe. Not only will you feel more relaxed and comfortable before shooting, you will be blown away with the hair and makeup reveal once it's all done! The vision all starts coming together at that moment and you’ll get the confidence you need to nail your boudoir session!


Problem #4: You’ve (probably) never modeled before.

The Solution: Posing isn’t your job, it’s mine! I have tons of poses for different body types and for varying levels of physical ability. Demonstrating the pose for you is only the beginning. I’ll tell you where to put your hands, lay your hair perfectly and straighten your wardrobe and straps, too. Most importantly, I have techniques for helping you nail those sultry facial expressions you didn’t even know you had! Afterall, what’s the point of a beautiful photo if you don’t like the face you’re making? I got you, babe!

The Value: There is zero guesswork for you and all the pressure of posing is put on my shoulders instead of yours. This means you get to put all of your focus into feeling your best self, let go of all your inhibitions and be unapologetically free. This is your moment to embrace and celebrate that inner goddess to the absolute fullest!

Seriously, your confidence is going to skyrocket!!

After The Shoot

Problem #5: The experience is over, but you don’t want it to end.

The Solution: Treasure the memories you made by getting your images printed in keepsake products designed to last a lifetime! Custom albums are a fun way to incorporate your personality further by designing every aspect of it’s presentation: the material, types of pages, cover, gilding color, etc. It’s going to have YOU all over it! Go even bigger by hanging up wall art in your home, put a nostalgic spin on your images by including them in a retroviewer or have your favorite image displayed in a beautiful acrylic block. I have print products to help you re-live the experience over and over every time you see them!

The Value: Printed images are a rarity in the digital age we live in. Having a tangible product you can run your fingertips on and see your images printed big just hits different! It’s something we aren’t used to seeing and it makes it feel more special. These products are physical reminders you can wake up to and immediately start your day off with a smile. The best part is they can be kept for a lifetime to look back on and cherish years down the road! Your future self will thank you for the memento!


Problem #6: Your confidence will be out of control.

The Solution: Don't try to tame it, set it free and watch it run wild! Go on that date, wear your new sexy outfit, go to the party, take the selfies, check yourself out in the mirror and don't ever apologize for being you again. The possibilities are endless, queen!

The Value: Your mindset will shift to a place that is powerful and stronger than ever. Things you always wanted to do, but didn't have the confidence for will become a thing of the past. Seeing yourself through someone else's eyes and realizing how incredibly gorgeous you are is a feeling you just have to experience. It will set you on a self-love path that only grows the longer you travel it and will continue to positively impact your personal life well beyond photoshoot day.

Bonus Value: If you don't want anyone to miss out on this insane confidence-boosting experience, I have a Referral Program that rewards you! For every friend you refer that books with me, you'll get a credit to go toward your next session. The best part is I don’t cap them, so rack up as many referrals as you want and get amazing discounts the next time you come in!

To wrap this up, I'll leave you with this little tidbit even if it's the only thing you take away from this whole thing...

Problems are not really problems at all. They are merely excuses we use to stay in our comfort zones! You can cozy up inside of it or you can leap out and expand it. The choice is yours!

XoXo- Maria 💋

"With great risk comes great reward."

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