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Meet The Team

I am so excited you are interested in doing a boudoir session. Whether it's a first time or not, you are going to have an amazing experience. Here are a few things about myself, so you can get a good feel for who the person behind the camera is!

I'm a happily married southern mama of two & ​My family is absolutely everything to me. My Strengths: I love Making women feel comfortable and confident.​​

At the end of the day, I'm a goofball with a big heart who is passionate about creating works of art that will take your breath away over and over again. I take my time to get all the fine details right and nurture an environment that keeps my clients comfortable and in control of their experience. My ultimate goal is for every woman to strut out of my studio feeling like a fucking rockstar!


If you think we'd be a great fit, be sure to contact me and I'll get in touch with you very soon!


Jessica Garza

Assistant Manager


Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


What is Boudoir?

  • Intimate artistry of curves and emotive connection with yourself

  • Confidence boosting empowerment experience

  • embracing all your perfect imperfections

  • guilt free pleasure to let go of your insecurities

  • spoiling yourself rotten

  • Celebration of all things you 

I Deserve This
The Studio

designed to immerse the everyday woman in the experience of feeling like royalty.
Embrace your femininity with a day of glam and poise in our timeless chamber of refined luxury.

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