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The Story of Black Diamond Boudoir

All too often, I see women overly focused on their flaws and hung up on trying to achieve unrealistic goals that have held them back from enjoying the present. I feel so passionately about helping others see their worth that I decided to create Black Diamond Boudoir as my way to inspire self-love and a healthy, positive self-image. The meaning behind the name of my business is that black diamonds represent an unchanging love. I want women to understand that life changes, your body changes... but the love you have for yourself and your value does not!

It is my priority to guide women through an experience that improves and reinforces a body positive mindset. I welcome all of my clients with no judgment and I fully respect your boundaries. I want all of my clients to leave with their head held higher and proudly celebrate the beautiful person they are!


My Background

I am happily married to Kenneth Turner, who is my biggest supporter and best friend. We have two beautiful, rambunctious children that are constantly keeping us on our toes. I grew up in Savannah, Georgia and was given the opportunity to attend an exclusive arts high school where I was first exposed to the art of photography. I went on to receive a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Houston. It was not until after working as a chemist and as a teacher that I realized my free time was spent indulging in creative projects to fulfill what was missing in my life. After some deep thought and self-reflection, I decided to take the plunge into finally owning the business I've fantasized about since high school. Better yet, I get to own a business dedicated to building women up and creating breathtaking artwork revealing a beauty that causes clients to fall in love with themselves in a new way.

My Passion

Everyone has a story. These stories are written with a unique set of challenges and accomplishments that have shaped my clients into who they are. Each one is different, but they are the same in that they have all invited me to read the most intimate chapters. It gives me immense joy to be trusted with the opportunity to create a safe space for women to be vulnerable and to capture their best selves. Boudoir photography provides me the perfect balance to combine my passions for empowering women and creating timeless works of art to be admired for years to come.


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