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Top 10 Misconceptions of Boudoir

A comprehensive guide to debunking all of the poor excuses for not doing a boudoir session.

  1. Isn't boudoir the same thing as pornography? *Insert eye roll* Let's just get this one out of the way first. The short answer is no, not at all. Boudoir is shot in a completely different style that is meant to be elegant and empowering. Boudoir photographers focus on faces and beautiful poses that highlight curves of the body whereas pornography includes explicitly sexual posing and focuses on private areas of the body that tend to objectify women. Any good boudoir photographer will have you feeling beautiful, not sleezy!

  2. Only models can look that good in boudoir photos. Absolutely untrue! You would be amazed to know that most women who do boudoir are NOT models. Portrait photographer skills extend well beyond the "taking photos" part. We understand how to incorporate all the fine details that make great photos for anyone we work with like the angles we shoot from, the direction of light, highlights and shadows and how to coach our clients into the most flattering poses. Trust me, you can look that good too!

  3. I'm not skinny enough to do boudoir. I want you to hear this loud and clear. You don't need to change your body, you need to change your mindset! Boudoir looks good on everyone, no matter your size or body type. I have seen tons of plus size women completely rock boudoir shoots and leave feeling more confident that ever.

  4. I'm too old for that. The last I checked, beauty isn't restricted to any particular age group. If you like getting glammed up with hair and makeup, elegant attire and want an incredible experience to create beautiful artwork, then you're the perfect age for a boudoir shoot!

  5. Well, it's not really meant for single people. Says who? You don't need a significant other to enjoy a day of pampering and create beautiful artwork! Although it's popular for women to gift their images to a significant other, most end up realizing it was more a gift for themselves. Know this, the products you buy are simply a tangible reminder of your EXPERIENCE. Single or not, it's for you, girl.

  6. I don't have anything sexy to wear. The term "sexy" is really different for everyone. It could be sheer lingerie, an oversized sweater, jeans and bra or simply your birthday suit. The point is, you can be sexy in anything as long as you're comfortable and feel amazing in it. The confidence you bring is what makes it sexy! If you want some special items and don't know where to start, we can help guide you or even do the shopping for you. Just tell us your vision and we can make it happen!

  7. It's just too expensive, only rich people can afford it. Several things to consider here. People from any financial background have money for the things they value. The skill that goes into creating stunning boudoir images comes with experience. The higher the price, the better the product and the happier you will be. We work hard to create pieces of high quality art that will stand the test of time and also offer payment plans and financing to help with these concerns. At the end of the day, there's a photographer out there for anyone's budget, it just comes down to what you value and what you believe is worth your investment.

  8. I won't do boudoir, because my photos will be shared. Your privacy is a legitimate concern we take very seriously. Absolutely nothing will be shared without your permission. Model releases vary from full release (use of any image) to limited (only approved images can be shared) to restricted (no images can be shared). We understand the nature of this business and are not offended in the least bit if you don't want your images shared. When it's time to order your products, we make sure to preserve your privacy by only using trusted, professional print labs that work exclusively with photographers.

  9. It's conceited to do self portraits. Although the styling has evolved over time, self portraits have been around for centuries. It's not always the case, but many clients do boudoir as a way of celebrating a special event in their life whether it be a marriage, divorce, weight loss, birthday or beating an illness. There's no reason to feel ashamed for wanting to document a piece of your life in an artistic way. There are many benefits to doing self portraits that are quite opposite of arrogance. They boost self-confidence, heal prior insecurities and promote a healthy and positive self image. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for celebrating the beautiful person you are proud to be!

  10. I have stretchmarks, loose skin, scars, bad skin, cellulite blah blah blah... Enough with the excuses. Life happens to everyone, give yourself some grace! Whether you're petite, curvy, old, young... everyone has flaws. What matters is that you don't love yourself any less because of them. You are beautiful, you are worthy and you are perfect just the way you are!

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