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Ms. Y's Experience From Behind The Lens

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Every woman that walks in my door comes with a unique style and vision for how they want to celebrate their personal self-love journey. Check out what Ms. Y had to say about her experience and keep reading to learn how the day went from my perspective!


This bold and beautiful mama came to me in hopes of boosting her confidence as a fuller-bodied woman and to explore her adventurous side. To add to the excitement, she chose me to do this for her as a way of celebrating a milestone birthday! 🥰

I was immediately intrigued with the wardrobe she brought, her bubbly personality and the pure excitement she had to finally have this moment. Starting the day off with this level of energy is exactly what I need to turn up the volume in creating gorgeous images full of passion.

It all started with the moment she saw her hair and makeup and immediately began to gush over the look. Her exact words "Who's that?? Can I marry myself now?!". If you know me, you know I'm all about unapologetic self-love so this is music to my ears. The excitement is building for both of us in this moment, because I know she is ready to light it up during her photoshoot.

We had an incredible time laughing and chatting together as I posed her through the entire shoot. I was blessed with the opportunity to see her break out of her shell, wear her favorite things (including the coolest unicorn stilettos ever, see below👇🏼) and making memories she'll never forget. It truly felt like having a girl's day playing dress up and hyping her up to the fullest. It's hard to believe sometimes that I'm lucky enough to get to do this all the time.

We looked at her photos right after and she had a hell of a time choosing her favorites, because they were all so damn stunning. I was no help, because trust me, I loved every one of them too! Watching the smile grow bigger and knowing how much the experience meant to her is what I live for. We crushed her goals. In her own words, "The end result is for sure rewarding". Going through the process and overcoming the nerves is a part of the journey, but I wholeheartedly agree with this queen the results are worth it! Once it was all said and done, she got to cross this off her bucket list and I helped make it happen for her.

It was a pleasure, Ms. Y! Now spread those wings and fly babe!


Maria 💋


Interested in having your very own boudoir experience?

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